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Yoshio Suzuki
Touch of Rain

Victor Entertainment, Inc.

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Yoshio Suzuki’s final album for the Music Interior series has a certain atmosphere that makes me want to trail off, sit back, and pine (for lord knows for what reason) – rather than wax poetic about its creation. Vacillating through crystalline Smooth Jazz, ECM-style European modalism, and barely-there ambient keyboard pings, Yoshio Suzuki’s music sounds exactly like the pictured album cover: mellow, for rainy day moods, without an iota given to the sad connotations of “rainy day moods” – due to the feelings (as heard here) being profoundly weatherproof/different. Plainly stated, this is music for reminiscing and comforting one’s self in. A product of one musician aiming to make beautiful music that favored delicate clarity and precision over complex ambiguity and superfluousness. - FOND/SOUND

Label: Victor Entertainment, Inc. – HRLP239
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Japan
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: New Age, Ambient, Contemporary Jazz