• Please note our official complaint / exchange / returns policy for the online store as below, which differs from the exchange / returns policy at our brick-and-mortal store:

    All vinyl records and media sales are final - returns are not accepted.

    Warped records cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. Some new records inevitably come with a slight warp due to imperfect presses and distributor storage.

    We do not guarantee that you will like the music or recording quality of a LP, and a LP that does not conform to personal taste or preference does not qualify as a reason for exchange.

    If you receive an item that appears to have been damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately. You MUST keep all of the packaging and packing materials and enclosed items together.

    The other party shall inspect the goods upon delivery to check whether they comply with the agreement. The other party is obliged to submit to us, in writing, any complaints about the goods delivered by us, within 7 (seven) days after delivery. This also applies to the articles not ordered but delivered in error.

    Manufacturing defects that are not visible or audible until the packaging is opened occasionally exist. If there are concerns with regards to an externally invisible defect, the other party shall submit to us, in writing, any complaints about the goods we delivered, within 7 (seven) days after delivery.

    Any complaints shall be submitted by the other party, stating the packing slip number and our database number. Any complaints about invoices shall also be submitted in writing within 7 (seven) days after the date of the invoice.

    Failing such a timely submission of complaints, any claims against us shall lapse.Returns of the goods will only be considered if the goods are in the original undamaged packaging. Articles not purchased from us or with (price) tags not attached by us cannot be returned.

    The goods returned must be received by us no later than 2 weeks after our authorization to return.

    Unless agreed otherwise, return consignments are at the risk and expense of the other party.

    Guarantee; limitation of liability:

    With respect to the goods delivered by us, we shall only be liable for material and/or construction faults in the goods that must have been discovered within 5 (five) days after the date of delivery, in as far as such faults reduce the soundness or quality of the goods to a major extent. Our liability under this clause shall be limited to the delivery of replacing (components of the) goods free of charge. We shall be entitled to repair the defective (components of the) goods or to take them back with simultaneous reimbursement of the relevant part of the invoice price, instead of delivering replacing (components of the) goods. With respect to goods delivered by third parties to us and subsequently delivered by us to the other party, we grant the other party, also if the goods delivered by us have been composed of goods delivered to us by third parties, the same guarantee but no further guarantee as the guarantee granted to us by our supplier(s). The other party can only invoke our obligations under this clause after the other party has performed all its obligations resulting from the agreement concluded with us. If we are liable on any account, our liability shall be limited to the amount equal to the invoice value of the goods in question, exclusive of taxes, it being understood that we shall be only liable up to a maximum amount of SGD500.00 (five hundred Singapore dollars) per damage/loss event. A series of damage/loss causing events shall be deemed to be one single damage/loss event for the application of this clause. We shall never be liable for immaterial damage/loss, business damage/loss, indirect damage/loss, loss of profit or other consequential damage/loss. The other party shall be obliged to indemnify us against all claims from third parties related to the goods delivered by us, or, as the case may be, to the work carried out by us.