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Various Artists
The Aesthetics of Japanese Electronic Music Vol.1

Cosmocities Records

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French label Cosmocities has embraced a "life-long love story with Japanese electronics", that is now unveiled in the latest two-volume collection titled 'Denshi Ongaku No Bigaku: The Aesthetics Of Japanese Electronic Music Vol 1 and Vol 2'.

Loaded with digging delights from the deeper ends of ambient, electronica and house music vaults, the collection feels timeless, making it a must-have for those with deep listening compulsions. 

Volume 1 makes a glorious opening statement with Seeds And Ground label founder K. Inoue’s synth dreamscape 'Em Paz', which is followed by his jazzy psychedelia remix of 'Drive from the Miracle'. The first two selections pave the way for the record’s flipside; celestial and enigmatic trips by Inner Science on 'Alright' and Aquarium’s 'Rainy Night in Shibuya' that easily transports listeners into a hypnotic, non-lit soundscape akin to a Lost in Tokyo moment.

Synth-injected moods lean in on the Balearic tip through Naohito Uchiyama’s 'Shugetsu', as Keta Ra leads a coastal trip into a quirky state of steady groove with ‘Equals’.

Side 3 introduces us to a weightless slice of abstract hip hop that falls ever-so-featherly on your ears by way of Yuu Udagawa's 'Infinite Possibility', which is followed by the smoky, orchestral offering of Noah’s 'Gemini - Mysterious Lot'. The hedonistic house realm gets appropriately musky with the freaky and spellbinding mood of Sauce81’s 'Sign of Secret Love'. Keito Sano jacks things up with the mellow-disco glow and driving bass of 'Tai+Dai'.

'Folkesta' by Waltz is a reshuffled soundboard of eerie and haunting folk traits, while Kuniyuki's 'Free' drops as a splendid slice of hi-NRG piano and drums, reminiscent of Blue Note's Cuban jazz classics. Ken Ishii's version of Larry Heard's 'Can You Feel It' feels as it should — effortlessly timeless. — (via MixMag Asia)

Label: Cosmocities Records
Format: 2x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: France
Released: Jul 21, 2023
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Deep House, Abstract, Leftfield

File under: House / Electro / Techno