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Various Artists
Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Hyde Out Productions

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The closest a simple collection of songs can get to being a classic album.  The first and most notable difference between this collection and past releases, is that not only does Nujabes (aka Jun Seba) give the Hydeout Collection crew more room to shape the tracks, he isn’t even the producer for a number of tracks. Both Emancipator and Uyama Hiroto are given the limelight and allowed space to craft entire songs on their own. One track is even a remix of a Daisuke Kojima track, with Jun simply shaping the song to fit his bill. This could be considered a risky move, because whilst Nujabes has always been an effort heavy on collaboration, cutting himself out of entire songs is a bit excessive, right? Yet here, it pays off tenfold, adding spice to the album without affecting the core of what makes his music so appealing. Addictive horns, gorgeous string sections, jazz odysseys; they’re all still here, and all entrance just as easily.

Another key shift between Modal Soul and this album is a greater emphasis on instrumentals. Jun excels at creating the perfect skeleton for rappers to weave their tales over, but left to his own devices, it can be hard to flesh out a full album instrumentally. Jun understands this, and times each alternative production and guest rapper impeccably. Uyama Hiroto’s contributions are driven largely by a varied drum section and rely far less on the simple boom bap skeleton Jun often incorporates, and spacing these pieces out ensures the album never becomes too predictable or repetitive. The relaxed female vocals and choir chants that flow through ‘Imaginary Folklore’ refresh the listener. The piano melody acting as the focal point of ‘Another Reflection’, the crackles throughout closer ‘After Hanabi(Listen To My Beat)’ and the overbearing wall of sound forged in DSK remix ‘Winter Lane’ shake things around, keeping the listener on their toes but without discomforting them, never losing the magic atmosphere that pervades the albums 62 minute runtime. — (via Sputnik Music)

Label: Hyde Out Productions
Format: 2x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue, Gatefold
Country: Japan
Released: Feb 26, 2023 / Original Release: Nov 11, 2007
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Hip Hop

File under: Hip Hop Instrumental