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Tourist History


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Tourist History is the debut studio album by Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club. It was originally released in 2010 by Kitsuné. The album is named for the reputation of the band's hometown, Bangor, as a tourist attraction. Tourist History won the Choice Music Prize for the 2010 Irish Album of the Year – Wiki

“Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema is a music-mad trio whose debut album fizzes with invention and sparkling tunes. Rooted in rock and pop, with elements of electronica/electro, and Afro-beats, the sum is greater than any indie electro pop parts.

Recorded in London at Eastcote Studios and produced by Elliott James (Bloc Party, Noah And The Whale) with a number of tracks mixed by Phillipe Zdar (Phoenix, Justice, Cassius), the album simply multiplies the singles surfeit of ideas and sounds. The opening track, Cigarettes In The Theatre, perfectly displays the bands light-footed yet hard-driving energy, highlighted by Alexs vocal melody, with its almost dreamy brand of urgency. Its followed by Come Back Home, a sequel of sorts; introducing a bed of woozy synths that build and act as a launching pad for a digi-funk backdrop that bounces, swings and rocks behind Alexs confessions of relationships-past.” - Popmarket

“…the playful melodies of 'Undercover Martyn' and 'Do You Want It All?' merrily rub shoulders with the more introspective 'Something Good Can Work' and 'What You Know', each furrowing their way through the math-goes-pop shenanigans of a more accessible and less po-faced Antidotes into the bargain. 'Come Back Home' even reminds us of a time when Franz Ferdinand were considered to be the most exciting prospect the UK had to offer not too long ago, Alex Trimble's "Find the strength to find another way" refrain echoing more than a twinge of the Kapranoses about it. The closing 'You're Not Stubborn' could quite easily be attributed to Newcastle underachievers-that-should-have-been-massive Kubichek! in a previous life, its coda resembling the Geordie foursome's 'Method Acting' both musically and vocally.” - Drowned In Sound

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Two Door Cinema Club


Tourist History




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