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Volcano / Tool Dissectional

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There really is something to be said for the power of raw, unadulterated rage in music. It can save a train-wreck of an album, redeem a flawed one, or give credence to otherwise melodramatic-sounding lyrics. Whilst Tool's first full-length album, Undertow, isn't quite a train wreck, or 'flawed' in any fundamental sense, it really is carried by the sheer, terrifying sense of anger which permeates its dark, oppressive sound-scape, and Maynard's vocals sound so genuinely tortured as to make each fresh listen as harrowing as the last.

Undertow opens with a sledgehammer to the face, the savage-sounding 'Intolerance.' This track is the perfect introduction to, and summation of, the sound which Tool went for on this outing, as the riffs are uncompromisingly visceral, the production raw and the vocals are, as aforementioned, about the most furious and wounded sounding as one is likely to come across. - Sputnik

-clip: initial;">Label: Volcano (2) ‎– 61422-31052-1, Tool Dissectional ‎– 61422-31052-1

-clip: initial;">Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

-clip: initial;">Country: US

-clip: initial;">Genre: Rock

-clip: initial;">Style: Hard RockProg Rock