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Togawa Jun
Syouwa Kyounen


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Togawa Jun time travels into the vaults of yesteryear for a record of gramophone tape hiss, ballroom jazz through a lens and retrofuturistic experimentation ahead of its time. This collection of nostalgia-decayed covers span the Showa era kayokyoku boom from 1946's hit "Tokyo Flower Girl" for wartime crooner Haruo Oka to to a rendition of Grave of Fireflies author Akiyuki Nosaka's 1974 theme to the largely forgotten film "Virgin Blues".


As always is the case, Togawa stands bold and centre with her unique vocal command and haunting operatic devices. The first three tracks were produced by Koji Ueno who Togawa regularly collaborated with as a duo in their band Guernica. Keeping up pace and adding his own new-wave ingredients to the mix, the last three tracks were produced by Susumu Hirasawa P-Model fame who would work again with Togawa and let his electronic impulses run free as the producer of Yapoos' Dada Ism. – HHV

Label: P-Vine Records – PLP-7752

Format: Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Reissue

Country: Japan

Released: 26 Jan 2022

Genre: Rock, Pop

Style: J-pop, New Wave