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Thunderbitch – Thunderbitch


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Thunderbitch – Thunderbitch


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A TAV Curator's Pick.

““I just wanted to rock and roll,” Brittany Howard repeats on “I Just Wanna Rock and Roll”. The Alabama Shakes frontwoman’s thesis for her side project, Thunderbitch, is pretty simple — and on the self-titled debut, she pulls it off. While her main band digs into the roots of soulful blues rock, Thunderbitch takes a stab at garage punk, though still filtered through a slight Southern burn, a la Turbo Fruits or PUJOL. “I just wanted to rock and roll/ And now I’m golden.”” – Consequences of Sound

“Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes doesn't just "reinvent" rock tradition, or "make it her own." She makes it her bitch. Hence this well-named side band, in which she goes on a garage-rock spree with some buddies from Nashville, bringing out the New York Dolls junk-shop strut that's always lingered around the edges of the Shakes' roughed-up Southern rock and soul. Howard yowls about how she's a rock & roll wild child who just doesn't care, even as the surprising amount of craft the band puts into these songs suggests she cares quite a bit: "Leather Jacket" is a Phil Spector-size slop symphony, and "Closer" twists from dark, gritty tension to wailing release for five minutes. But it's the looser the better here. "Let Me Do What I Do Best" is a mountain-side slide of piercing pianos and headlong, crunching drone that sounds like the Velvet Underground of White Light/White Heat playing a Flori-bama beach-house keg party. The most fun song is the surf stomper "Eastside Party." One listen and you'll want to move to the Eastside — which Eastside? Any Eastside! — as soon as you can burn down whatever lame side of town you live in and hit the road.” – Rolling Stone

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Not On Label (Thunderbitch Self-released)


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