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The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
Araya Lam

ZudRangMa Records ‎

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Araya Lam is the 3rd LP by The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. Following on from ‘21st Century Molam’ and ‘Planet Lam’ the band head deeper into the roots of Isan music, collaborating with others traditional musicians on vocals, pong lang, pi and sor.

Each instrument brings something fresh to add to the group’s take on molam music. In addition, the band nod to New York post-punk on ‘Zud Rang Ma’ and sounds from across the Indian Ocean region on ‘Psych Lam Kor’. Looking back to their roots to move ever further forward ‘Araya Lam’ is the next chapter in the always evolving Paradise Bangkok concept. — (via Label)

Listen to sample track + sample track

Label: ZudRangMa Records 
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Country: Thailand
Released: 2023
Genre: World, Thai, Molam

File under: Global Sounds