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The Love Machine
Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By!!!

Wah Wah Records

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Psych LP from 1968 by the Love Machine, “Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By!!!” – and trust me, it can be done – on the Design label. One of the harder-to-find exploito-psych albums with an absolutely psychedelic cover. Like all these studio cash-in albums, you need to approach this one in the right state of mind, and by that I mean altered.

But the great thing about these budget albums is that someone behind the controls seems to be trying out all the latest psychedelic effects – stereo panning, phasing and whatever electronic gadgetry they had left over from the last time Beaver and Krause blew through town.

And so, if you can get past the fact that no real bands were involved here, this is still one heck of a blast to listen to! The Love Machine add in a steady stream of outer space synth and moog sounds, like some rejected soundtrack to an episode of “Star Trek” (the original one, kids, with William Shatner), all echoed and delayed in suitably “cosmic” fashion. – On Bandcamp


Wah Wah Records – LPS-125


Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Reissue




1 Dec 2013


Electronic, Rock


Psychedelic Rock, Avantgarde