The Last Electro
Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble [Madlib]
Miles Away

Stones Throw Records

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“Miles Away is the latest in releases to evolve from producer & arranger Madlib's first jazz releases with the group Yesterdays New Quintet.

Miles Away is a jazz fusion album which has been tweaked and revised for over two years when it was first announced. Cover painting by Radek Drutis, design by Jeff Jank.” - Stones Throw Records

“Miles Away isn’t just a collection of Madlib tracks, but a fully realized and brilliantly conceived and executed jazz album that uses rhythm, melody, textures, and dynamics to offer not only a tribute to the sources of its inspirations, but a new approach to electronic jazz in the 21st century.” - AllMusic

“It has all the atmospheric haze and bottom-heavy soulfulness we’ve come to expect from Madlib, but Miles Away is unique in its single-minded dedication to a jazz idiom. While Yesterday’s New Quintet albums frequently wandered into groove and hip-hop territory, Miles Away spends most of its time with more conservative swing and Latin rhythms. On top of the drums and bass, the texture is made up of relatively basic stuff: vibes, pianos, and electric flutes, with a little sitar and organ. The grooves are spirited, loose-limbed, and free, but without ever falling apart or descending into cacophony. The drums have their moments of strife and rebellion, but nothing like the freakouts characteristic of something like the Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm project A Tribute To Brother Weldon.” - Tiny Mix Tapes


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The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion EnsembleMadlib ]


Miles Away


Stones Throw Records


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Space-Age, Jazz-Funk, Soul-Jazz, Future Jazz, Free Jazz

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