Low End Theory

The Gaslamp Killer Experience ‎– Live In Los Angeles


Low End Theory

The Gaslamp Killer Experience ‎– Live In Los Angeles


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Coming off just four months after a near fatal accident, The Gaslamp Killer recorded this live album in one final take on November 7th 2013 at the Mayan Theatre.

Featuring a 15-piece band comprised of talented Los Angeles musicians which includes Amir Yaghmai of Jogger on guitar, notable Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus collaborator Kamasi Washington on saxophone, Gene Coye on drums and Todd Simon of The Angel City All-Star Brass Band on trumpet. With The Gaslamp Killer using an iPad to wirelessly interact and conduct the band, in what is a truly psychedelic live experience.

“As you’d expect, the employment of such a large ensemble means that the tracks here end up rendered with a gorgeously opulent level of detail, backed up by a fantastic recording and mixing job. After an eerily psychedelic intro section slowly builds up out of sampled muttered conversations, sudden laughs and a whirl of instrumentation, ‘Apparitions’ takes things off for a six minute wander that’s as much smoky film score as it is woozy hip hop-funk as melancholic strings swirl against slow loping drum beats and majestic jazz horns bleed out into the very edges of the mix alongside subtle guitar riffs.” - Cyclic Defrost

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The Gaslamp Killer


The Gaslamp Killer Experience : Live In Los Angeles


Low End Theory


Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Translucent Blue



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Experimental, Instrumental, Jazzy Hip-Hop

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