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Shin Sasakubo
Mount Analogue

Lawson Entertainment, Inc.

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'Mount Analogue', is the 35th album by guitarist Shin Sasakubo from Chichibu. For almost 20 years the guitarist has specialized in classic and contemporary Andean and Peruvian music, a knowledge that he deepened through a three-year stint in Peru between 2004 and 2007. Since his return to his hometown Chichibu City in the Japanese Saitama Prefecture — he launched the "Chichibu Avant-Garde School”, a college that looks through art and lectures on the Chichibu region, and his environmental and folkloristic history.

This album revolves around the spiritual journey to the highest point of an invisible mountain, a landscape and environment that can be seen on the mountain path from Chichibu in 2022, coupled by10 years of mountain activities in Chichibu. — (via Spotify)

Label: Lawson Entertainment, Inc
Format: LP, Album, 180 gram
Country: Japan
Released: 23 Nov 2022
Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, & Country