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Sean La'Brooy

Scissor & Thread

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Sean La’Brooy is an Australian sound artist and composer currently based in New York, who’s work traverses ambient, jazz and electronics. With this release, Le’Brooy has hooked up with the Scissor and Thread label to put out Merchant - five pieces of dreamy, abstracted and genreless music featuring his distinct style of harmonically complex pads mixed with jazz-influenced instrumental melodies and solos.

As Sean explains, “the purpose of this record was to create five tracks that each feel unique and distinctive from each other while still maintaining a common thread that connects them all to the same place. All my favorite records have a certain distinctiveness across each track that ties them together to create a sort of family of works. I think if you can achieve that cohesion, you’ve made a great album. With Merchant, I’ve tried my hardest to establish a unique identity while featuring 5 tracks that feel totally different at the same time. Different concepts, genres, tempos, instrumentation, still with a red thread to connect them all. In my mind, those commonalities are defined by a particular mood or sentiment, the use of playful melodies, and a reliance on acoustic rhythms throughout”.

Label: Scissor and Thread
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: US
Released: 2023
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Electronica

File under: Ambient / Experimental / IDM