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Forever Living Originals

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AIIR is the studio EP by the British R&B collective Sault, a sequel to their sixth album, AIR (2022). The EP was one of five simultaneous digital releases for free on 1 November 2022 (along with 11EarthToday & Tomorrow, and Untitled (God)).

This is a continuation of the work on the first installment and is fairly slight at five tracks. The two bookends of the album, “4am” and “5am” are the most successful and enticing due to the vocals on offer, whereas the three “songs” in between are well orchestrated with the odd shadow of Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” for example, but feel like snippets of longer pieces—like highlights of an extended classical piece or soundtrack. — (via Albumism)

Label: Forever Living Originals
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Country: Worldwide
Released: 2023
Genre: Classical
Style: Choral

File under: Modern Classical