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Under Feet Like Ours | RSD2017

Vapor Records

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A TAV Curator's Pick.

The first, self-released, album from the duo that became Tegan and Sara, released for the first time on vinyl for Record Store Day 2017.

“There's a telling thank you in the liner notes of Tegan and Sara's debut. It's to "The Scrappy Bitches" for having "us baby bitches" play on tour. The Canadian triumvirate of Kinnie Starr, Oh Susanna and Veda Hille seems a particularly appropriate set of role models for this 18-year-old pair of Calgary-based singer/songwriter twins. Tegan and Sara don't sound like any particular one of the Bitches, yet for their remarkably assured debut, the twins demonstrate a kinship with the confidence, self-expression and no bullshit approach of their spiritual progenitors. But there's more here than simple feminist support for making the scary step to the stage - Tegan and Sara are the real deal, not another Ani Difranco pretender trying to be political by writing songs about freedom. The evidence in hand, their debut album, shows an emotional and musical progression quite remarkable for their age, as if they've managed in one go to shake out the cobwebs of their folk/rock roots, and their Lilith Fair/Indigo Girls tendencies, and are emerging fully formed, ready to take the next step.” – Exclaim

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Sara And Tegan


Under Feet Like Ours


Vapor Records


Vinyl, LP, Reissue



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This reissue: 2017 | Original – 1999


Rock, Pop


Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Indie Rock

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