Sampa the Great
Birds and the BEE9

Big Dada Recordings

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“Sydney-based Sampa the Great’s Birds and the BEE9 is an intriguing mixtape of Zambian-influenced rap and pop, drawing influences such as Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. Birds and the BEE9 expresses what it is to go from ‘a healing to a healer’ in Sampa’s eyes. Opening with ‘Healing’ and closing with ‘Healer’ it seems like the album comes full-circle. The laid-back, traditional tones of the first track are blended with a modern bassline that slowly appetizes the listener. She depicts flowers, birds but also the wounds and physical pains. A lot of her tracks are beautiful, yet she uses them as a way to depict harsh realities.

On ‘Protect Your Queen’, she encapsulates the essence of the album, affirming herself as a talented rapper but also drifting into spoken word poetry. On ‘Black Girl Magik’, she sounds sentimental and vulnerable at times yet delves into the political with lyrics like, “No I’m not your voice, I just wanna be equal”. She shows real talent by being able to touch on these thought-provoking, socially-conscious themes and mix them into her music with ease in such a soulful way. Sampa The Great’s captivating fusion of soul, jazz and hip-hop is what makes this album so inspiring and original, and marks her as one of the most exciting talents emerging at the moment.” – London In Stereo

“Joining Big Dada to release her new mixtape, Sampa The Great’s "Birds And The BEE9" is a record that’s both deeply personal and outward-looking. The tape’s points of reference are poised between her closely-held roots and an internationally-minded musical outlook. An assured picture of herself, she carries her identity through the many-sided musical influences which she draws from. Working with a close circle of producers to help realise her musical vision - including Kwes Darko, Sensible J and Alejandro ‘JJ’ Abapo - spanning spiritually-minded gospel and chants to neo-soul and hip-hop, it’s intertwined with a clearly-defined, no-holds-barred political outlook, and speaks a message of healing after her own experiences of hurt and pain.” – Bandcamp

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Sampa The Great


Birds And The Bee9


Big Dada Recordings


Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Clear



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10 Nov 2017


Hip Hop, Funk / Soul


Jazzy Hip Hop

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