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Robag Wruhme
Wuzzelbud FF

Hart & Tief

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A prolific, beloved member of the German techno community, Weimar-based producer/DJ Gabor Schablitzki is known for his steadily paced yet unconventional productions, his eclectic full-lengths, and his adventurous mix sets. He achieved recognition during the 2000s for his bountiful output of original tracks and remixes under several names, most notably Robag Wruhme and Wighnomy Brothers (a partnership with Sören Bodner). As Wruhme, he demonstrated his versatility with his 2004 debut full-length, Wuzzelbud "KK," which ventured from techno into hip-hop and IDM. Continuing to release ambient techno full-lengths such as 2019's Venq Tolep and more club-primed singles, he's also displayed his prowess on the decks with mixes such as 2021's Connecting the Dots.

14 years after releasing his debut full length, Wuzzelbud KK, Robag Wruhme has released a follow-up, Wuzzelbud FF. It's a double EP full of "straightforward dance music" for the pinnacle of his DJ sets. Of course, the German producer has rarely done straightforward over his two-decade career, and Wuzzelbud FF is a true-to-form mishmash of styles, not all of which are peak-time fare. "Veddel Braav" is built around echoed synth shards, spacious beats and subterranean bass.

Late in the track, Wruhme strips most of it away, creating a toe-curling tension and release that will be magnified in a club setting. The title track sets a surly Crosstown Rebels-esque vocal loop to a trippy groove and a bunch of mysterious clanks and rattles, while "Protol Eto" is a simple, functional weapon. "Maiowo," the EP's weirdest track, also contains its most gorgeous moment, where a spluttering set of breaks and demented drums are interrupted by vocal snatches and an angelic string synth. There are also emotional interludes ("Perluv," "Tisma") and more raucous cuts ("Wabb Bodun") that showcase Wruhme's enduring knack for pitting incongruous elements against each other and turning them into something catchy. Few do it better. — (via Resident Advisor / Bandcamp)

Label: Hart & Tief – N° 04
Format: 2x Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: Germany
Released: Sep 7, 2018
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

File under: House / Electro / Techno