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Black Market Music

Elevator Music / Vertigo

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Somewhere after or in-between the following that rose after Placebo’s ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ and the day Brian Molko was saved by sound technician Levi Tecofski from drunkenly walking straight into traffic, Placebo’s output took a complex turn. It took nine months to record and finishBlack Market Music, only to end up looking like a complete photo-negative of the former. The mildly hopeful “Pure Morning” is now the relationally regretful and self-deprecating “Taste in Men,” “Every You Every Me” is now the broken-home special “Black-Eyed” with the story of Molko growing up, and the wavering punk anthem of “You Don’t Care About Us” is now “Slave to the Wage,” a song that is meant to speak to people that are stuck in a menial job and bored with their life to get out and escape. However the band that once played the almost fetishistic ‘Nancy Boy’ crossdressed on stage with a uniquely tuned guitar, a left handed drummer, and a bass player that shook his butt, is now diving head-first deep into playing a dark and depressing record. Brian’s wiry vocals experiment alongside hip-hop artist Justin Warfield for the standout angst of “Spite and Malace,” and he admits to his drug addictions more openly on “Special K,” a.k.a. the slang term for Ketamine. Placebo's introverted sound separates the band from others in the genre, “Blue American” is a somber tribute, "for all the times she showed me wrong, for all the times she sang God's song". The sincerity is there even when it's rough, and the bitter taste is a problem that was never solved. Placebo retains the wondrous self-deprecating vocals without bringing the dreadful ‘emo’ slang into play. Placebo have had unfortunate events of course, and at least they present them with honesty and capability. ”Slave to the Wage” is a sense apart from the rest, acting as a “song with a message” to those dreading the 9-to-5 job, and the working class that works itself into an early grave. – Sputnik Music

-clip: initial;">Label: Elevator Music (4) ‎– 4743249, Vertigo ‎– 4743249

-clip: initial;">Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180 Gram

-clip: initial;">Country: Europe

-clip: initial;">Released: Nov 2015

-clip: initial;">Genre: Rock

-clip: initial;">Style: Alternative Rock