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Pimao, the Berlin-based producer, DJ, and avid vinyl collector skillfully weaves together samples from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian rarities, framing them with a cinematic sound design. The title, 'Duangkamol,' means ‘straight from the heart' in Thai, reflecting the album's deeply personal essence. It embodies the culmination of Pimao's long musical journey and his deep thirst for exploring diverse sounds and cultures. From the striking melodies of Southeast Asia to the bass heavy undercurrents of Berlin, Duangkamol encompasses a rich sonic tapestry. The music flows effortlessly, taking unexpected turns but always remaining tethered to a soulful core. Pimao's sound is both forward-looking and nostalgic, evoking the depth of iconic releases from labels like Ninja Tune and Stones Throw Records. Duangkamol was polished by Blanka at Kasablanka Mastering Studio in France.

The album's artwork, crafted by Subwway, features the imposing figure of 'Yaksha,' a protector deity whose calling into ward off malevolent forces. Pimao's 'Duangkamol' is a captivating musical journey, blending traditional influences with contemporary innovation, delivered uncut straight from the heart. — (via Pimao, Bandcamp)

Label: Ma.Quality
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Europe
Released: Mar 22, 2024
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, World
Style: Leftfield, Experimental, Trip Hop, Bass Music, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Mo Lam, Luk Thung, Luk Krung

File under: Leftfield