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Oddisee – The Iceberg


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“Oddisee’s abnormal virtuoso use of versatile instrumentals on his records has always been charming and often times downright incredible. You can expect no less on The Iceberg, for this record is filled with a great deal of instrumental creativity on every turn. Each track has its own unique instrumental or stylistic method, but Oddisee always manages to make it all seem grounded enough to never stick out and disrupt the impeccable flow of the record. You might encounter a soft guitar riff here, then a classic rhythmic beat there and some brass sprinkled over it, with occasional synth-marbled bass gravy. All of that mixed with Oddisee’s confident, self-aware delivery and the fantastic song-writing, which makes each tracks pop out with increasingly more dizzying atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a near-perfect, light-flowing, opinionated Hip-Hop record.

And those lyrics. Sure enough, you’ll have to get over Oddisee’s socio-political opinions, but even in spite of them, the wordplay and the seemingly natural rhymes and smooth verses are nothing less than punching. But Oddisee wants you to focus on the messages of social acceptance, class differences, and racial tension. For that reason is the music never too booming or overwhelming, instead slowly building a certain atmosphere that’d seem almost meditative (and at times even ambient) without the vocal contributions. It’s so that it never distracted from what really matters. But everything blends into itself seamlessly and flawlessly. Everything stands straight, bravely and confidently. Everything is in its place. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.” – Sputnik Music

“As with every Oddisee record, The Iceberg adheres to a high concept; in this case he's taking aim at the tendency to accept surface-level information and forget about underlying complexities. Much to his credit, and possibly disdain, the entire album can be enjoyed for its musicality alone; his production skills are on point as always, if a little less organic and broader-sounding than the more overtly jazz-leaning Odd Tape. However, much like an actual iceberg, the album's true mass lies in the underlying message, which Oddisee actively encourages the listener to consider -- see opening track "Digging Deep" -- and ultimately invest in for greater reward. Both approaches to The Iceberg seem appropriate by design; Oddisee's keen ear for both vocal and melodic hooks becomes something of a test, a challenge even, to divide those who critically analyze and those who just want to hear a good beat. With a surface that sounds this smooth and soulful, it's easy to imagine casual listeners -- particularly those who aren't aware of Oddisee's worldview -- accepting it at face value. This is no more exemplified than by second track "Things," with its uplifting tempo and catchy chorus belying the lyrical plea to remember that we all have relative problems to deal with.” – All Music

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The Iceberg


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Vinyl, LP, Album, Glacier Ice (Clear with Light Blue)



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7th April 2017


Hip Hop



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