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Nightmares On Wax – In A Space Outta Sound


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Nightmares On Wax – In A Space Outta Sound


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Taking a penchant for mid-90's golden era hip-hop production flourishes, a deep love for tipsy Jamai-can dub and a working knowledge of leftfield European electro, Nightmares On Wax have added to their already impressive catalog with In A Space Outta Sound. With a stronger dubwise rocksteady vibe than past NOW releases, the new album is still firmly rooted in the dusty funk that has anchored past collaborations and remixes with hip-hop heavy hitters like De La Soul, Roots Manuva, Black Eyed Peas_Efrontman Will.i.Am and RJD2. - Warp.

“One of the prime architects of the organic grooves later dubbed trip-hop, Nightmares on Wax de-serted their early formula in 2002 only when it became respectable and a crossover appeared most like-ly. With the air cleared of downtempo cash-ins, producer George Evelyn and producer/keyboardist Robin Taylor-Firth went right back to dub-heavy trip-hop with In a Space Outta Sound.

Unsurprisingly, Nightmares on Wax remain among the best at constructing simple grooves with end-less depths; their only rival is Massive Attack…. As with past NoW releases, In a Space Outta Sound boasts an emphasis on sound architecture that requires expensive stereo equipment (or bucket loads of narcotics) to fully appreciate.” - AllMusic


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Nightmares On Wax


In A Space Outta Sound


Warp Records


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Repress



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This reissue: 2014 | Original issue: 20016




Downtempo, Trip Hop, Leftfield

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