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Muriel Grossmann
Natural Time

Dreamland Records

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When I was asked to write liner notes for this record, I met with Muriel Grossmann to hear the music and make the interview. Listening to the Natural Time record in its entirety, was indeed an experience, like traveling without moving, and I could not help but think, that there is a link to what somebody once said: “There’s a lot of modal music, that is played every day throughout the world. It’s particularly evident in Africa, but if you look at Spain or Scotland, India or China, you’ll discover this again in each case. If you want to look beyond the differences in style, you will confirm that there is a common base. That’s very important. Certainly, the popular music of England is not that of South America, but take away their purely ethnic characteristics — that is their folkloric aspect — and you’ll discover the presence of the same pentatonic sonority, of comparable modal structures.”


The link was not only confirmed, but also broadened during conversation, through another aspect that is equally important to the artist. “For me Natural Time is about bringing forward the essence of ones nature. You have kept your path and one day, everything comes together. In Music it is like in life. It feels like, when living according to that inner call, your energy is having direction. You just know, what you have to do, each step you are taking feels to be at the right time. Same goes for this record and tunes, particularly in Peace for All and Your Pace, it elaborates on the same thought of making things right and bringing forward the best in yourself, other people and the situation you are in. As for African Dance, it’s a homage to this abundant land and it’s great people, while Happiness is a meditation on happy thoughts from moment to moment.” – Bandcamp

Label: Dreamlandrecords – DR 10821-2 LP

Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: Estonia

Released: Oct 2021

Genre: Jazz

Style: Soul-Jazz, Modal