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Muriel Grossman


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Muriel Grossmann's music had an immediate impact on me from the moment I first heard it. It was music with dedication, speaking from the heart. I felt it speaks of past and present, with joy and happiness. Ten seconds into listening and I was hooked. I was all over the web trying to find a vinyl copy, but strangely enough there wasn't any available. Without a second thought we decided to get in touch with Muriel and ask how that is possible. And behold, before long, we were listening to the premix of ''Golden Rule''. I remember being inside of that record for the first time and having this feeling you get when you don't really want to leave a place anymore. This was music performed with a great artistic concentration, integrity and energy. I felt a genuine love listening to the first side.


After the record ''Golden Rule'' received good reviews, got accolades from record collectors around the world, was voted best record of 2018 by UK VIBE and was nominated for the Jazz Album Of The Year for the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards, Muriel Grossmann and the band were back to their usual routine, performing, touring and recording the follow up to ''Golden Rule'', a formidable record entitled ''Reverence''. While the record was still in the making, I called Muriel and told her that it would be great to finally meet in person. Muriel suggested we meet on her forthcoming tour of the Balearic Islands in early autumn of 2019. I proposed immediately to make a short road movie about that tour and that the band should record live if possible. The task of capturing a live performance at the concert proved to be impossible, but she managed to book a two-day recording session in Mallorca studio Caja Del Ruido with an actual Hammond B3. I remember we arrived one day prior to the gig in Mallorca to make a recording session the same day. Gina Schwarz - the bass player - could not make it so early though, and it took Llorenç Barceló by surprise. While warming up his fingers on the Hammond he realized that Gina was not going to participate in the recording session and he had to step into her territory. But after all, Muriel just wanted to capture the live set and she did it exceptionally and with grace. – Bandcamp


Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: Estonia

Released: Oct 2021

Genre: Jazz

Style: Soul-Jazz, Modal