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Michael Naura Quartett
Call | 2018 Reissue

Ambassadors For MPS

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“The new pieces have little in common with the bebop and cool jazz influences of the old Naura quintet.” So wrote journalist Siegfried Schmidt-Joos in his 1970 liner notes to pianist and bandleader Michael Naura’s album Call. Joos went on to say that Naura had assimilated “the contemporary sounds of free jazz and rock” as well as “the collective playing styles of the younger generation of musicians.” His first album in eight years definitely showed Naura in a new light. Two members of his old quintet, vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlüter and drummer Joe Nay were still in on it, and both had effortlessly mastered – as had Naura – the new rock and blues-oriented styles. With the addition of Eberhard Weber, a jazz-rock trendsetter had stepped into the band. “This musician from Swabia with the face of an old Botticelli angel,” as Naura described the electric bassist, had a substantial impact on the new quartet’s sound. The pieces on this MPS recording are all written by Naura. Born in 1934, Naura broke off his journalism studies in Berlin to become a musician. Vibraphonist Schlüter was with him when Naura formed a band in the 1950’s. This first band was heavily influenced by pianist George Shearing’s style. Naura and Schlüter have continued to play together on into the new century. Drummer Joe Nay, who Naura prized as “the perfect incendiary”, died in 1990.” – MPS Music

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Michael Naura Quartett




Ambassadors For MPS


Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress



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This reissue: 2018 | Original: 1971




Contemporary Jazz, Fusion

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