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Michael Mayer is one of the leading German tastemakers in dance music and his DJ sets have influenced a generation (or two) of musicians and fans. As an artist, Mayer remains tirelessly motivated to DJing, in the studio or behind his desk at KOMPAKT, the label he co-owns. His recording career spans four albums, 23 EP’s, nearly 170 remixes and the legendary DJ mixes for fabric and Immer. ‘&’ is his third full-length, a passionate and personal album that speaks as broadly as his DJ sets - embracing his genre-busting love for music, rhythm and atmosphere – and the dancefloor in front of him. ‘&’ – the title says it all; Michael Mayer collaborated for every track on the album. “All of those involved are good friends of mine and not random choices selected from some Top 100 list.These people mean a lot to me - and by that the music we produced together is heart driven and emotionally powered. I felt we had a mutual privilege to share time together in the studio creating what you hear”. 12 tracks, 12 single narratives coming from a group of very individual minds orchestrated by Michael Mayer - the DJ, artist, A&R but most importantly, obsessed music lover. Michael describes the process of curating and creating ‘&’ as a constant battle between his three alter egos but “the obsessed music lover has had the final say.” As diverse as they are, all the tracks that result from this long and winding road create a cohesive story and present the elasticity of Mayer’s musical galaxy. Michael gladly leaves it to the rest of the scene to discuss the different grey shapes of club culture. For him there is only one club culture – a playful and open-minded one that’s easy to comprehend after you hear ‚&’. – Michael Mayer, Bandcamp

 “On his third solo LP, the Cologne producer Michael Mayer collaborates with a different artist on each track. The album plays to his strengths, balancing strict grooves with faint hints of mischief.” – Pitchfork

“As with many artists who use the gaze of others to push themselves, Mayer ups the ante, exhibiting growth in unlikely directions that could just as easily have led to real failure — but don't. On &, that growth comes with two tracks at the album's tail end. There's "La Compostela," made with the Dusseldorf avant-garde composer Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann); it's an indelible collision of the two men's worlds, opening on a simple folk motif before descending into a driving bassline wrapped in snaps of classic '80s freestyle, plus echoes of traditional strings and percussion. Later comes "Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen" with Barnt, a.k.a. fellow Cologne resident Daniel Ansorge, whose own avant-techno Magazine Records label is heavily indebted to Kompakt's lead. The track's locus is a loop of a depressed male baritone intoning the title as the composition falls in and out of another boisterous bassline. Neither track has anything like a precedent in near vicinity. There's real danger afoot; the kind of menace Mayer usually keeps far away from his good-time DJ sets is a constant presence here. It's as though in the company of these creative partners, he is that much more comfortable being bolder.” – NPR

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Michael Mayer




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