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Melati ESP

Carpark Records

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Melati Malay previously made electronic dream pop that fused countless global influences as part of the group Young Magic, then went in a more textural direction as part of the post-minimalist ambient trio Asa Tone. For the first album by her project Melati ESP, she (along with co-producer Kaazi) constructs a rich, flowing sonic environment inspired by the soundtrack to her formative years growing up in Jakarta, particularly ambient house, atmospheric jungle, and Javanese pop radio. Sung entirely in the Indonesian language, hipernatural evokes a coming-of-age era spent in a sprawling metropolis during the 1990s. Instead of being dense and overwhelming, it feels as lush as a rainforest, with soothing ambient synth pads setting the backdrop for Malay's intricate pop melodies. "E.M.Z." is particularly gorgeous, hitting the sweet spot with shuffling breakbeats, acid synth basslines, and vocal snippets that echo like bird calls. "Spesimen Sempurna" and the sublime "Intuisi" blend delicate vocals with driving electro beats fit for a smooth cruise through the city, while the slightly melancholy deep house track "Kupu Kupu Elektronik" balances wistful reflection with club reverie. "Di Atas" is an immensely lovely liquid drum'n'bass tune laced with birdsong and rushing strings, curiously piling up scattered, sped-up voices during its middle section. "Anda Katakan" is a more playful bedroom R&B song bringing to mind Nite Jewel, and it glides into the early-'90s rave flashback "Kita Vs Mereka," which has Orbital-esque melodies and bitcrushed breakbeats that sound like they're being looped on a still-functional sampler dating from the time period. Melati ESP's music is a refreshing fusion of pop songwriting and dreamy production, sounding retro, contemporary, and futuristic all at once.


Label: Carpark Records – CAK163
Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient House, Experimental