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Numinous Island


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Berlin-based record label, Transmigration, has rehashed an almost forgotten gem from the 90s with the re-release of Mantaray aka Susumu Yokota and Ray Castle's ‘Numinous Island’.

Originally released in 1995 on seminal American ambient label, Silent, the album is the result of a live jam session between the two artists. Label founder David Fogarty has personally edited the vinyl edition for hi-fidelity playback, respectfully maintaining the original sequencing and progression of the CD release.

‘Numinous Island’ is a “long-form audio travelogue” that immerses listeners in a unique, ethereal realm. Yokota's remarkable sound palette and Castle's gift for storytelling. The result is something similar to the KLF's "Chill Out," with refreshing twists and turns. Despite being a collaborative piece under the Mantaray pseudonym, the album serves as a fitting tribute to Yokota's legacy as a prominent figure in the ambient arena.

Across a sequence of eight tracks, the pair meander through a refined tapestry of caressing tones, subtle oriental elements and gentle flashes of cosmic musings. Seamed together, ‘Numinous Island’ is an otherworldly soundscape, tapping into celestial corners of a galaxy that is probably closer to us than we know. - Mixmag Asia

Label: Transmigration – TM016
Vinyl, LP, Album, Mixed, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental