Mad Season
Live At The Moore

Columbia / Legacy

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“An alternative rock supergroup formed in 1994, Mad Season served as a creative side-project for singer Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), guitarist Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and bassist John Baker Saunders (Lamont Cranston Band). Mad Season wrote, recorded and released Above, the group’s one and only studio album, in 1995. That seminal collection was quickly certified RIAA gold, becoming an essential touchstone in the history of Seattle grunge rock.

Mad Season: Live At The Moore showcases, on spellbinding audio across two 12″ vinyl LPs, the band’s historic final performance at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on April 29, 1995. Remastered in stereo sound for this 20th anniversary vinyl edition, Mad Season: Live at The Moore includes the full 11-song set, originally released in part on the 1995 VHS in 1995.

Originally released on Columbia as a home video on August 29, 1995, Mad Season: Live at The Moore will be available in a collectible 2LP 12″ gatefold package with new liner notes penned by Mad Season drummer Barrett Martin especially for this 20th anniversary edition.

The 2LP edition of Mad Season: Live at The Moore features live versions of “River Of Deceit,” “Wake Up,” a blistering cover of John Lennon’s “I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier” and more.” - Legacy Recordings

“Live at The Moore is one of those extremely rare instances where the live album is able to surpass the studio album. Mad Season formed as a way to jam with friends; the members had no intention of making the next Ten or Dirt, and the band became stronger because of that. Live at The Moore is the best example of this band’s core ideology and the avalanche of talent put into it. From McCready’s rollercoaster guitar solos to Saunders and Martin’s creatively assembled rhythms to Staley’s airy cries at the microphone, there’s nothing fake or manufactured about this live recording. It remains a band at their most organic, a natural open-door policy where staying true to the studio standard is constantly dismissed. It’s an exciting and invigorating ride of a live recording that perfectly assembles a band exactly when and where they should be, no strings attached. As the ultimate sendoff for the band, Live at The Moore is a near-flawless tribute to Mad Season, a band who got more accomplished in five years than many other bands do in thirty.” - Sputnik Music




Wake Up


Lifeless Dead


Artificial Red


River Of Deceit


I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier


Long Gone Day


I'm Above


I Don't Know Anything


X-Ray Mind


All Alone


November Hotel


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    Mad Season


    Live At The Moore


    Columbia / Legacy


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