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Lonesome Dreams

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Lord Huron is an American indie folk band based in Los Angeles. The group's debut album, Lonesome Dreams, was released in 2012 on Iamsound in the U.S.

The band’s name was inspired by Lake Huron, the lake which band founder Ben Schneider grew up visiting, where he would spend evenings playing music around the campfire.

“ "Oh, there's a river that winds on forever/I'm gonna see where it leads," begins Lord Huron's debut LP, campfire strumming and robust vocal harmonies ghosted by tuneful howls somewhere between cowboy yodels and coyote bays. Ben Schneider's soaring folk-rock project conjures a life unfettered and outside of time – roads and rivers wind, a man wanders beneath trees ("She Lit a Fire") or imagines sitting by a lake "for a thousand years" ("In the Wind"). The palette is broad, with layered guitars, harmonica and saloon piano tinged with gamelan-style percussion ("Brother") and Asian-flavored melodies ("Setting Sun"), all serving an impressionist Wild West cosmology that includes Schneider's visual art and film work. It's ambitious, beguiling stuff. "Forget all your troubles," he sings on "Lullabye" – the prettiest track on an album fat with beauty – inviting the listener to "dream of laughter and old friends and lovers," and giving you the tools to do it.” – Rolling Stone

With the release of Lonesome Dreams, the band also slowly released a series of music videos, all filmed in a western '70s style, which Schneider says was the focal point and narrative for the album.

“We had this fun idea that Lonesome Dreams was kind of this series of old adventure tales. It's sort of a collection of pulp fiction and we wanted the videos to kind of reflect that and have that same feel and style,” Schneider said in an interview. They also decided to release a theatrical version of the videos.

Check out the video for “Lonesome Dreams” below.

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Lonesome Dreams


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