Long Arm
Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy

Project: Mooncircle

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Russian beat technician Long Arm gets all nostalgic on his sophomore album. Capturing the special feeling that allured him in the beginning, the entire album has that hazy, foggy, dreamy texture that resonates deep within us all. With an air of Dego-meets-Bonobo, or Fink-meets-Swindle, the whole story treads a fine line between delicate and robust. ... Stories so strong you don't want them to end; Long Arm is lawlessly on-point right here. - Juno

‘Kellionis the story of a young boy who was born into a mysterious world he explores with his curious eyes, ears and hands. Every new experience lets him grow as a person and also expands his knowledge of the world that surrounds him. His young mind is sometimes blurrying the lines between imagination and reality, dreaming and being awake, reality and fantasy. Making sense of this world in its very own unique way, his world is filled with fantastic and surreal magical creatures and quirky characters.

Over the course of the ten songs many different little adventures unfold and await the young boy, slowly building his character while he explores nature in all its varieties and learns to appreciate it. He lives through new emotions and gets to learn about his own feelings during the process. The title track ‘Kellionrepresents the very inner world of the kid – it is his cocoon where he can always return to and be safe after his journeys and adventures.

“I was trying to live his life with him together and feel what he felt. I tried to understand and recollect what it feels like as a little boy walking around in this big world. I attempted to see the world through his eyes, to experience his fears and happiness and in doing that, just helping him to be a kid.” – Long Arm - ProjectMoonCircle 


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Long Arm


Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy


Project: Mooncircle


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition



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Downtempo, Trip Hop, Leftfield

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