Lee “Scratch” Perry
Super Ape

Get On Down

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A TAV Essential Listening Album.

Few artists enjoy a legacy that involves a re-engineering of the very genre in which they work. Lee “Scratch” Perry is such an artist.

As a pioneer of dub reggae Perry viewed the mixing console as musical instrument in its own right. The influence of his revolutionary approach has been felt world-wide and into genres far beyond reggae. His 1976 effort, Super Ape, is considered a masterpiece of this or any genre.

Working with The Upstetters at his Black Ark studio Perry created a sound with such a lasting appeal that The Rough Guide includes Super Ape as one of their 100 Essential Reggae releases. – Get On Down

Out of all of the wonderful albums that emerged from the Black Ark in the 1970s, perhaps the most under-rated is 'Super Ape.' Other albums such as 'Police And Thieves' and especially 'Heart Of The Congos' seem to capture the attention of reggae fans more readily. While those albums and other Black Ark benchmarks like 'Party Time' and 'War Ina Babylon' stand out as excellent works, these albums were collaborations with talented songwriters, especially in the case of Max Romeo. 'Super Ape,' on the other hand, is purely Lee Perry's vision. As such, it stands out as a pinnacle in Scratch's career.  - Upsetter.net

More about the Dub genre:

For an excellent introduction to the Dub genre, check out FACT Magazine’s excellent online write-up – FACT Magazine’s Beginner’s Guide to Dub by David Katz – renowned reggae historian and photographer.

About Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters:

Some call him a genius, others claim he’s certifiably insane, a madman. Truth is, he’s both, but more importantly, Lee Perry is a towering figure in reggae — a producer, mixer, and songwriter who, along with King Tubby, helped shape the sound of dub and made reggae music such a powerful part of the pop music world. Along with producing some of the most influential acts (Bob Marley & the Wailers and the Congos to name two but) in reggae history, Perry’s approach to production and dub mixing was breathtakingly innovative and audacious — no one else sounds like him — and while many claim that King Tubby invented dub, there are just as many who would argue that no one experimented with it or took it further than did Lee Perry.-  All Music


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Lee “Scratch” Perry


Super Ape


Get On Down


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This reissue: 2016 | Original issue: 1976




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