Jazz Liberatorz
Clin D'Oeil

Kif Recordings

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"Jazz Liberatorz are three beatmakers originated from Meaux town, France, and composed of DJ Damage, Dusty, and Madhi. They released their full length album on French independant label Kif Records in 2009.

Titled “Clin D’Oeil”, their first album is a tribute to the golden age of hip-hop, taking its strength onto the roots of black music and more notably in jazz music.

Throughout the album, the listeners will discover the warm, full sounds of the old jazz fusion records from the 70’s, mixed with samples and live instruments in which Jazz Liberatorz have invited the creme de la creme of the independent hip-hop soul & jazz scene." – Artist Wiki

“The album reclaims the brief love affair between hip-hop and jazz that took place in the U.S. in the mid-'90s, using deep basslines, sampled horns, and beat poet-styled phrasings from a slew of guest MCs. The sound is ultra-cool, combining European hip-hop's love of slicker, more urban beats with the simplest jazz instrumentation -- atomic chunks of sound and songs that are reworked to soften the edges of a rapped delivery and convert it to a strong flow through sheer musicality.” – AllMusic


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Jazz Liberatorz


Clin D'Oeil


Kif Recordings


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress



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This reissue: 2014 | Original - 2009


Hip Hop


Jazzy Hip-Hop

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