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Howie Lee
7 Weapons Series


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7 Weapons Series is the latest set of hybrid club tracks from the Beijing based producer Howie Lee on Belgian label Maloca Records.


Known for fusing traditional Asian sounds into the experimental clubbing field, Howie Lee pushes the boundaries in order to access a broader sound palette. Styles and elements are always mixed ingeniously; Tibetan chanting, middle-eastern zurna, syncopated drums, deep and modern bass, buoyant jazz chords - it’s difficult to know what to expect.


His latest release, ‘7 Weapons Series’, is inspired by the Gu-Long’s novel series ‘Seven Weapons’, although the actual song names have nothing to do with the original series. On the album, Howie explores the effect of sampling, experimenting with what it means to take the sounds and give them new meaning and context.


Co-founder of the Do Hits label, Howie Lee has made his mark globally with futuristic productions on labels such as SVBKVLT, Alpha Pup Records, Trap Door and more. - Bandcamp

Label: Maloca – MLC003

Format: Vinyl, 12"

Country: Belgium

Released: 4 Sept 2020

Genre: Electronic

Style: Experimental