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Hior Chronik - Out Of The Dust


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“Seductive and cinematic soundscapes between ambient, drone and indie-neoclassical music: these are the best words to describe Hior Chronik’s style. A style that captures ears and soul, bringing you into an imaginary world, arousing emotions, making the mind wander to distant places. This is the goal of the Greek musician, now living half of the year in Athens and the other half in Berlin. You can hear it in his new record "Out Of The Dust", produced by himself, mixed by John Vallasis and mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Studio, Berlin.Bandcamp

“There's an undeniable cinematic quality to Hior Chronik's music. The Athens-born, Berlin-based composer writes moody and ambient compositions with lush textures and buckets of reverb. Practically any work from his latest record Out of the Dust would perfectly fit within a Denis Villeneuve or Terrance Malick film. Chronik's sustained drones and pensive harmonies were practically written to accompany a long tracking shot in the modern cinematic landscape. Hitting the point home, the promotional material for this album contains a quote from the composer: "I wanted to make a soundtrack for a movie that was never shot."

For fans of Sigur Rós and Explosions in the Sky Out of the Dust is an ideal record. "Whispers from the Surface of a Lake" and "Remember" are massive explorations in rich timbres and resonance. These tracks, much like most of those on the record, give the listener hazy impressions of ideas rather than drive home any salient point. "Cosmos" blends haunting trumpet and violin melodies with subtle glittering electronic glitches in a way that sounds completely natural. As a composer and producer Chronik is certainly skilled at fusing electronic and acoustic elements in a way that reflects their musical kinships. The record takes cues from minimalism and the introverted side indie rock in reverence to space and contemplation.” – Pop Matters 

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Hior Chronik


Out Of The Dust




Vinyl, LP



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1st December 2017


Electronic, Classical


Drone, Ambient, Modern Classical

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