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I Had A Dream That You Were Mine


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I Had a Dream That You Were Mine is a collaborative album by Hamilton Leithauser, the former frontman of the Walkmen, and former Vampire Weekend multi-instrumentalist and producer Rostam Batmanglij. It was released on September 23, 2016 on Glassnote Records. The name of the album originates from the first lyric of the lead single "A 1000 Times". – Wiki

“Together, Leithauser and Batmanglij work their way through nearly seven decades of musical history—from doo-wop and country-rock to Leonard Cohen-style torch songs and the George Martin-indebted baroque-pop Rostam often used to make VW twinkle—but they also don’t forget who they are in the process: one of ’00s indie rock’s most charismatic singers, alongside one of its most creative songwriter-producers.” – Pitchfork

“For fans of the Walkmen and Vampire Weekend, there is just enough of each here to satisfy, while the two artists also build something new. Leithauser howls through “Rough Going (I Won’t Let Up)”, a post-doo-wop cut with an unironic snapping, “Sha-doo-bee/ Sha-doo-wop” backdrop. The vocal curls in the song’s last movement trace back to Rostam’s affinity for the baroque. Leithauser’s compositions, like his narrators, always feel like they risk coming apart at the seams, an engine overrun toward a red-line meltdown. Alternatively, Batmanglij specializes in more delicate physics, finding order in disorder. Their seeming opposition, though, is somewhat illusory. Both artists learn from the mess, and together they’ve made something more than a simple addition of its parts. They interweave their unique musical ideologies, Leithauser’s glorious falling apart made more brilliant by Batmanglij’s decadent keeping together.” – Consequence of Sound

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I Had A Dream That You Were Mine




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