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Joy In Fear


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Perhaps the tightest band in existence right now return with an astonishing new album - their first in 8 years - we ain’t talking about the Swedish psych troupe, nor the Greek metal act; but the infinitely superior Japanese Goat (JP) who take the micro-precision of computer music and play it on instruments. They make a devilish display of interlocking, pointillist drums newly gelled with the addition of harmonic, 4th world woodwind, brass and texture that will completely destroy you - especially played loud  - huge recommendation if yr into anything from This Heat to Miles Davis, early Battles to Jon Hassell, Moin and Autechre.

Goat (JP) are renowned for two albums released in 2013 and 2015 that took Kraftwerk’s man-machine concept back to its roots with swingeing, inch-tight drums, bass and guitar patterns that needed to be heard to be believed. For their long-in-the-making new album Joy In Fear, band leader Koshiro Hino (YPY, KAKUHAN) describes the process as “90 percent pain” - and we can well believe it - few other records we can think of transmute DAW-composed rhythmic precision into such an expressive instrumental performance. In some respects, it's tempting to label it jazz, but the kind of jazz that Miles Davis spearheaded on the game-changing 'On The Corner', the blueprint for so much post-punk, electronic music and avant rock.

Joy In Fear is an experience and a work that showcases the uniqueness of Goat. Consider this. This is a record primarily based on percussion, and yet through its duration, Goat can navigate through psychedelia, jazz, and ambient music with ease. They can awaken feelings of urgency and anxiety, and then return to a state of spirituality and transcendentalism. And all this without losing any of the precision of their craft, balancing creativity and discipline. — (via Boomkat)

Label: NAKID
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress, Clear vinyl
Country: Japan
Released: Oct 14, 2023
Genre: Jazz, Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental, Jazz - Free Improvisation

File under: Avant Garde / Free Jazz