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Daily Operation


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Daily Operation is the third album by American hip hop duo Gang Starr.

“Respect the Classics continues its tribute to many of hip-hop's finest with the vinyl re-issue of 'Daily Operation' from the seminal rap group Gang Starr. This classic album is being re-issued back on vinyl with a 3D lenticular cover treatment, giving the timeless cover multiple, mind blowing layers of depth. From the timeless picture of Malcolm X on the back wall to the briefcase overflowing with money that appears to leap right off the cover, this classic album has been given the perfect cover treatment for collectors new and old.” – Respect The Classics

“From beginning to end, Gang Starr's third full-length album cuts with the force and precision of a machete and serves as an ode to and representation of New York and hip-hop underground culture. The genius of Daily Operation is that Guru's microphone skills are perfectly married to the best batch of tracks Premier had ever come up with. Guru has more of a presence than he has ever had, slinking and pacing through each song like a man with things on his mind, ready to go off at any second. Premier's production has an unparalleled edge here.

For an underground crew, Gang Starr has always had a knack for crafting memorable vocal hooks to go with the expert production, and they multiply both aspects on Daily Operation. Every song has some attribute that stamps it indelibly into the listener's head, and it marks the album as one of the finest of the decade, rap or otherwise.” - AllMusic

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Gang Starr


Daily Operation




Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 3D Lenticular Cover



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This reissue: 2014 | Original - 1992


Hip Hop



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