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Floating Points ‎
Mojave Desert

Pluto / Luaka Bop

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Jazz meets Post Rock and Psychedelia in the great outdoors.

Sam Shepherd and his ensemble incorporate the vast, rocky landscape of the California desert into the very fabric of their ambient post-rock.

Floating Points has always been especially attentive to the way sound exists in space; many of his most electrifying moments take place along the periphery of silence. Here, the painstaking way he details the psychoacoustic properties of the landscape is remarkable. While “Kites” might at first seem like a mere interlude, playback on headphones situates you in the remarkable headspace of the desert, evoking the kind of calm most modern urban listeners rarely experience. As Shepherd swings the mic, distant echo and miles-off reverb color the distant arpeggios of that synth situated on the rocks. Listen deeper and the smallest of sounds also arise, like the crunching of rocks under Shepherd’s feet as he moves through the space; the very breath of the desert is made audible. The result is transportive and supremely psychedelic. - Pitchfork

Label: Luaka Bop ‎– 5041, Pluto (4) ‎– RE001DVD

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album DVD, DVD-Video

Country: US

Released: 30 Jun 2017

Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock

Style: Downtempo