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Having spent the last 6 years of his life in dedication to his craft, Fauxe is one of the few artists in Singapore that continuously pushes the boundaries of music through his experimentation across different musical styles. Pushing the format of freeform music, he has originated multiple musical projects and worked on a myriad of musical collaborations - all of which stem from Fauxe’s humble aspirations to grow as an artist and to musically affect the people around him.

Ikhlas, an album originally released in 2018, is now seeing its release via the vinyl format. Ikhlas is an exploration of the Kuala Lumpur music scene told with samples from traditional Malaysian music. Inspired by an eight month visit to Malaysia, this 30-minute album is a true modern ode to the sonic legacy of the country. Ikhlas covers a wide range of styles through the roots of hip hop, disco and the use of breakbeat inspired textures. A recontextualized project, the album highlights Fauxe’s ability to take music from the past and interpret it with his own flair and individuality to create something truly original.

The Analog Vault is supremely honoured to be working with Fauxe for its first ever vinyl release under its newly launched record label, TAV Records. According to Sharon Seet, co-founder of The Analog Vault, “as music lovers first and foremost, we strongly believe that Ikhlas should be heard by more people, especially to inspire creativity and confidence within the Singapore music scene. We truly believe that a vinyl release of this album will serve to increase the reach of Fauxe’s music to a wider audience. This collaboration is representative to the identity we want to push forward as a record label – we want to showcase music that is distinctly progressive and wildly creative. Faxue’s music is definitively so, while paying homage to his Asian roots.” The album’s vinyl release will see an initial launch limited to 150 copies. Available on 180g LP, this record was mastered by Rohan Mansell and pressed at Zenith Records, Australia.