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Demon Fuzz
Afreaka! | 2017 Reissue

Music On Vinyl

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- The Analog Vault // Essential Listening -

Formed by a group of talented Caribbean immigrants, Demon Fuzz (slang for “devil’s children” or “bad policemen”) was one of the most criminally underrated and creatively unique bands to have come out of the London scene in the late-1960s and early-1970s. While their tenure was short, their legacy lives on with their enduringly cool 1970 release Afreaka!.

Demon Fuzz’s one and only album was a wild fusion of their members’ influences in West African music, calypso, soul, jazz, funk and ska - alongside hypnotic strains of psychedelic soul and prog rock. The resulting hot mess of infectious grooves and snaking instrumentals coalesced into vigorous and vibrant semi-improvised jams that will expand your mind. This obscure masterpiece of Afro rock and freaky jazz juju is a must-have. - The Analog Vault

“Demon Fuzz was an afro-rock group which was formed in 1968 and broke up in 1972. Its members had all immigrated to Britain from Commonwealth countries. The band's name means "devil's children or bad policemen". They originally played soul, but the music they heard during a trip to Morocco lead to a change in their style to what has been described as a blend of funk, rock, jazz and African music. Their album, Afreaka!, has become a popular source for sampling. Since 2008, they have received sporadic airplay by the BBC radio presenters Huey Morgan and Gideon Coe."– Wiki

“Afreaka! was the only release by Demon Fuzz. Released in 1970, Afreaka! is a wild mash of Afro-Latin funk, breakbeats, tripped-out soul, jazz fusion, and psychedelic journeying. These seven black musicians took on everything that was happening, and were musicians enough to make it work for them. Most tracks run in the eight- and nine-minute range and get down with tough drums at the core, with rhythmic shifts happening on a grooved dime. Killer horns, Hammond B-3s, electric guitars, and deep tough slinky funky bass all wind together to create a mix so utterly intoxicating and fluid that it's difficult to take in one listen. This is the real deal -- solid, freaky-deaky, and groove-centric. Not to be missed.” – All Music

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Demon Fuzz




Music On Vinyl


Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Pink



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This reissue: 2017 | Original: 1970


Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul


Fusion, Afrobeat, Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock

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