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Carsten Jost
La Collectionneuse I — X


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Carsten Jost is the DJ and Producer alias of David Lieske, and co-founder of the revered techno label Dial. Active since the late '90s, his music has always been atmospheric and stripped-down, but his sound has evolved from the brittle, haunting techno of 2001's You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows to the more melodic, shimmering house of 2022's La Collectionneuse.

David co-founded Dial with Peter M. Kersten (Sten, Lawrence) and Paul Kominek (Turner, Pawel) in Hamburg, Germany in 1999. Dial has released widely acclaimed albums by artists such as Pantha du Prince, Efdemin, Roman Flügel, Ben Kaczor and is one of the most highly regarded sources of atmospheric minimal techno. Jost began releasing music on the label in 2000, and his early work was sparse and glitchy, offering a colder, darker take on the microhouse trend that was popular in underground dance music at the time. Additional EPs followed for labels such as Klang Elektronik and Sender Records, and Jost remixed tracks by Swayzak, Tocotronic, Phantom Ghost, and others. 

Jost released his long-awaited second solo album, Perishable Tactics, in 2017. Days Gone By (2002-2012), a digital collection of non-album material and remixes, appeared in 2020. Jost's third album, La Collectionneuse, was released in 2022, containing some of his most laid-back deep house tracks. Three EPs of remixes followed, each including an original track by Jost continuing in the direction of La Collectionneus — (via Bandcamp)

Label: Dial
Format: 2x Vinyl, Album, 180gm
Country: Germany
Released:  Dec 9, 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Minimal Techno

File under: House / Electro / Techno