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2006's Comfort Of Strangers is the fourth full-length album from acclaimed English singer-songwriter Beth Orton following Trailer Park (1996), Central Reservation (1999) and Daybreaker (2002). Recorded mostly live in one or two takes straight to analog tape with producer by Jim O'Rourke and percussionist Tim Barnes, the charming 14-track effort features unadorned yet sophisticated arrangements that allow Orton's vocals to peacefully soar and hit home like never before.

Orton on Comfort of Strangers to NPR: "I've always thought that if I could make a record, just voice and guitar, then I'm the real thing. Then it's real, and until I can do that, then I'm not a master at my craft...but I never have done that, and I think when I started writing these songs, I thought, oh, my gosh, these could be the songs that make up that record." – Press Release

“A literary songstress whose works are folk flecked with trace elements of trip-hop, Comfort of Strangers finds the incisive Orton paired with producer Jim O’Rourke to great effect. The pair pounded out Comfort of Strangers in two weeks at New York’s Sear Sound studio, with help with M. Ward, Tim Barnes, and Rob Burger; eschewing multiple takes, digital recording techniques, and working toward an “in-the-moment” vibe, Orton and her producer wrought 14 playful and poignant vignettes, charged with emotion and stripped of gloss. The sentimental, pained title track is an exquisite sketch of a wounded heart while “Shadow Of A Doubt” haunts with its stark simplicity. Orton’s assured hand throughout marks Comfort of Strangers as a sturdy piece of songwriting that will stand among the more memorable albums of 2006 come year’s end.” – Slant Magazine

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Comfort Of Strangers




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