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Beach Fossils
The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads

Bayonet Records

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With the help of Tommy Gardner and Henry Kwapis, Dustin Payseur reimagines Beach Fossils' greatest hits as jazz ballads on this beautiful collection of songs "The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads. – Bayonet Records

This album would go down pleasantly as a quiet evening listen. The tracks that are energetic in their original versions are now slowed down and sound a lot more mellow, infused with the sounds of sax, piano, upright bass, and splashy drumming.

The style of dreampop is most often characterized with ethereal guitar tones, mellow synths and, most importantly, drowned out vocals. Beach Fossils used to adhere to most of these qualities on their previous works, and the barely discernible lyrics were absolutely part of their style. On The Other Side of Life the vocals are a lot clearer. For fans of the band this creates a very interesting effect: the melodies, switched-up chords and mellow textures make the once familiar music both recognizable and uncanny. What is more impressive is that these versions sound a lot more sensitive than their counterparts. – Beats Per Minute


Bayonet Records – BR-043


Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue [Deep Sea]




Nov 2021




Cool Jazz