Barry White
Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love | 2018 Reissue

20th Century Records / Mercury /Universal Music Enterprises

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“Barry White’s third solo album, Can’t Get Enough was an enormous transatlantic hit and the one that cemented his reputation in the UK. White’s was true music of the masses. With its lush orchestral arrangements and his sultry vocal, the seven-track Can’t Get Enough is his most accomplished work. All the songs could be either for long term-relationships or the first flush of a new romance: Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It; Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe; I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl). Along with Isaac Hayes and Marvin Gaye, White was in the top tier of soulful bedroom troubadours of the 70s. However, while Gaye and Hayes often introduced spiritual or social dimensions into their work, White was happy to ruminate exclusively on the subject of love. This has sometimes led to his material being undervalued, while the others have been exalted. White’s manifesto was laid out in the album’s first three tracks: the beautiful instrumental opening of Mellow Mood, Part I segueing into the commercial pop perfection of You’re the First, the Last, My Everything and then into the 10-minute boudoir symphony of I Can’t Believe You Love Me.

You’re the First, the Last, My Everything was a classic number one. White’s praise of simple love struck a chord; "We got it together, didn’t we, we definitely got our thing together, isn’t that nice?" he drawls in his unmistakable bass tones. The instrumental break with Gene Page’s soaring strings is about as life affirming as music gets. It is still a guaranteed floor-filler all these years later, with one foot in country, the other in northern soul. Can’t Get Enough… reached number four in the UK top 20 and became a rather ubiquitous addition to mid-70s households. It is a superb example of White’s craft. There were always strong morals behind his love raps, often espousing the joys of monogamy and doing right by your woman. Given all the love shenanigans going on here, it comes as little surprise that it has been said that more children have been conceived to White's music than that of any other artist.” – BBC Music


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Barry White


Can’t Get Enough


20th Century Records, Mercury, Universal Music Enterprises


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue



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This reissue: 2018 | Original: 1974


Funk / Soul



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