Aphex Twin
I Care Because You Do

1972 / Warp

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...I Care Because You Do is the third studio album by English electronic musician Richard D. James under the alias Aphex Twin, released on 24 April 1995. The album contains various tracks recorded by James between 1990 and 1994.

Rolling Stone described the album sound as not having much to do with modern techno music of the era, stating it closer to avant-garde and classical composers like John Cage or Philip Glass as well as being influenced by drum and bass music that was gaining popularity in the United Kingdom at the time. – Wiki

“None of the chirpy, intricate, eclectic tracks on I Care Because You Do sound dated, certainly not in any heinous way. Richard James's work stands outside any genre cages and continues to satisfy dedicated listeners. This is at least partially due to James's twisted, British-bad-boy sense of humor: the title of the disc alone is something of an ironic display.

I Care Because You Do is a sound introduction to James's peculiar, personal work, which ranges from symphonic to spartan to relaxing to unnerving, though it generally manages to be all those at once. The disc is cleverly constructed and juicily modern, and it's easy to see why critics, struggling to understand James's emergent "ambient techno," early on compared him to minimalist composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich. James was clearly influenced by these pioneers, but his music is more about stretching the limits of what one perceives to be music, of sound itself.” - Mike McGonigal



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Aphex Twin


...I Care Because You Do


1972 / Warp Records


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue



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This reissue: 2012 | Original - 1995




Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Acid

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