The Fugees' Debut 'Blunted On Reality' To Be Reissued

The Fugees' Debut 'Blunted On Reality' To Be Reissued

Prior to releasing their magnum opus The Score, The Fugees had dropped a little known debut album titled Blunted On Reality in 1994. The album initially sold 12 copies in its first run, but went on to sell 130,000 copies leading it to reach gold and platinum status eventually. For the first time ever, their debut will be reissued on vinyl this fall.

The album was written and recorded by core members Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel in 1992, with the guidance of Kool and the Gang producer Ronald Bell. However, following a long dispute with their record company, it was not released until February of 1994. Three singles were released, “Boof Baf”, “Nappy Heads” and “Vocab,” however none of them gained significant mainstream attention.

Despite not having as many overtly political lyrics as compared to The Score, an underlying political intention was still present as described by Wyclef in a 1990 interview on the television program Lorna’s Corner:

“When the cop is messing around with somebody for something that the person didn’t do and they try to set ’em up, that makes me blunted on reality. When the government is taking money on arms…and that money could be going back to the community it makes me blunted on reality. It’s just awareness of what’s going on…that’s what blunted on reality means…It don’t mean that I smoke weed…cause I’m too paranoid as it is.”

The reissue will be dropping on 28th October and listen to their album below.

Source: Okayplayer