Teaser To RZA Scored 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin' Revealed

Teaser To RZA Scored 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin' Revealed

There's no denying where Wu-Tang Clan derives their martial arts inspired references from and a recently reported dream combination of RZA live-scoring the classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin looks set to happen at LA's Beyond Fest on 12th October and at the Stateside Theatre in Austin, Texas on 29th September.

As reported by High Snobiety, "From opening to closing credits, RZA will be live-scoring the iconic film with “over 40 instrumental tracks, beats and vocals individually crafted and placed to amplify the narrative and electrifying action of Kar-leung’s enduring classic.” The visual itself will in turn take cues from how RZA saw it when he was growing up, all while featuring the original English dialog."

Although it's unlikely this will appear locally here in Singapore, we're hoping this version of the film gets a wide release through Blu-ray or DVD eventually. However if you happen to be in either of the locations, tickets can be purchased here.

Also check out the teaser below.

Source: High Snobiety