OutIn 012 - Selector Special ft. Toppings & DJ Rushmo

OutIn 012 - Selector Special ft. Toppings & DJ Rushmo

For November's edition of Outin, we've got a Selector Special in store for you - happening this Saturday, November 24th. We're very blessed to have two exceptional guests on the decks; Toppings from the Ice Cream Sundays party collective, alongside a new face in our community, DJ Rushmo. :)

They've each very kindly recorded a mix for us in the lead up, have a listen here:

They'll be joined by The Analog Vault Selectors for an evening of house, funk, disco and boogie. Music will be going from about 5pm till we close, so it’s a perfect prelude to the rest of your evening.

Admission is for customers of the store - flash us your mailing list invite, or register to be on our online store mailing list. Drinks are on the house, while stocks last.:)

About Toppings:
Hailing from Manila, Toppings (aka Jake Camacho) has emerged as a fresh new face in the Singapore dance music scene.

As co-founder and resident selector of Singapore-based party collective Ice Cream Sundays, he has honed his craft playing to sweaty crowds at pop-up events around the city. He has also taken his sound to notable venues such as Tanjong Beach Club, Camp Kilo, The Great Escape, and Bar Rouge, and is a familiar face behind the decks at underground favorite, Headquarters. While still a relative newcomer in the scene, he has steadily built his reputation playing alongside some of Singapore’s most respected DJs, earning warm up slots for high-caliber international acts including Soul Clap, Jasper James, and Bosq.

With a background in music history, and having played a number of instruments from a young age, his exposure to diverse musical styles and traditions shines through in his eclectic approach to DJing. Rooted in deep, soulful, and lo-fi house infused with disco, funk, jazz and afrobeat, each of his sets delivers a potent blend of dance floor nostalgia, playful experimentation, and — at times — pure, uncut optimism.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/toppingsmusic
Ice Cream Sundays: https://www.icecreamsundays.org

About DJ Rushmo:
DJ Rushmo, born in the late 70s in Soweto has been a record collector since the late 90s. He is a self proclaimed Traditional African Music historian, protector & preserver. He is a Producer and has traveled internationally as a Sound Engineer with some of the most recognized and influential musicians in the South African music industry. His eclectic taste allows him to take you through a sensory journey and awakening.

Style: Afro, Break-Beats, Dance Music, Drum&Bass, Funk, Jungle, Lounge, Rap and Roots Reggae.

Philosophy: If its hip, I play it.
My Samplosophy: The technique of building a complex groove by combining many small but carefully interlocking, syncopated contributions.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rushmo
MixCloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/djrushmo/