Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' Still a Hit Sensation 57 Years After Its Release

Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' Still a Hit Sensation 57 Years After Its Release

Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, released on 17th August 1959 through Columbia Records, often regarded as the greatest jazz album of all time by critics and writers remains a hit sensation on vinyl charts 57 years after its release!

According to Billboard's September 24th vinyl album chart, Kind of Blue was ranked 6th among other modern contemporary albums such as Wilco's Schmilco, Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool and Michael Jackson's Thriller. Also in the week ending in September 15th in the US., 1,000 vinyl copies of Kind of Blue's Columbia Records/Legacy pressings were sold, as reported by Nielsen Music.

As reported by Billboard, Adam Block, president of Legacy Recordings reiterates that they've "made a concerted effort to keep both the idea of Miles and his greatness and Kind of Blue visible and accessible through every channel and platform available to us." Block cites Legacy's support of the "25-year, ongoing celebration" of Davis' work, the label's recent "reimagining" of Davis' work with Robert Glasper -- Everything's Beautiful, and the general "amplification of others' enthusiasm and support" of Davis as part of their ongoing effort.

"The fact that [Kind of Blue has] become thought of as 'the one jazz record everyone needs to own' also contributes to its remarkable sales at a time when there are so many new vinyl consumers building their collections."

Kind of Blue's hot streak isn't isolated to 2016 alone, where it has so far sold over 26,000 copies and is the 10th highest-selling vinyl album. In 2015, it finished as the 5th best-selling vinyl album (at 49,000), while in 2014 it was the 9th best (at 32,000).

"Miles Davis, and particularly Kind of Blue, have become a part of our cultural DNA," Block says. "That's, first and foremost, because of the kind of artist Miles was and the masterpiece Kind of Blue is -- and no one but Miles can take credit for that. Beneath that though is an ongoing determination here at Legacy not to miss opportunities to reinforce those two undeniable truths."

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Source: Billboard